Powerful, compact, and user-friendly beating and stirring machines.

For many bakers and confectioners, beating and stirring machines for producing masses – particularly with delicate products such as cream and egg white – are a popular and frequently used alternative to planetary and kneading machines. And rightly so – as the vibratory technology used in beating and stirring machines simulates human hand movements when beating ingredients. This creates batter with a considerably more stable structure that is less prone to collapse.

The beating and stirring machines in the REGO® SM series feature a range of bowl sizes from 10 to 60 litres. The SM series includes the table-top REGO® SM 10 and the floor-standing REGO® SM 40 and REGO® SM 60. In addition, 2020 has seen the launch of the new REGO® SM 20 L, a robust floor-standing machine with particularly compact dimensions. All models have been approved by the relevant trade organisation (except the SM 20 L) and thus bear the GS mark.

All REGO® SM machines feature powerful drive units, are extremely economical despite their capabilities, meet IE standards, and are thus classified as energy-efficient in power ranges of 0.75 to 3.0 kW.. With intermediate bowl sizes available with the use of adapter rings, all machines can expand their range of uses to accommodate specific requirements.

The machines feature welded frames and are made of stainless steel. This type of construction enhances the robustness and proven durability of the beating and stirring machines in the REGO® SM series. Forces and torques are dissipated by the extremely stable bowl lift and guiding mechanisms.

Yet despite their ruggedness and power, the machines in the SM series allow for very fine operation and adjustments to ensure the very best recipe results. The continuous electronic speed control, combined with the digital time indicator and automatic cut-out function, enable a precise, reproducible result based on any given recipe, with a maximum operating speed of 650 rpm. 

An integrated, automatic soft run-up program enables the controlled start of the mixer in the mass, thereby preventing the ingredients from splattering. This, together with the continuous speed control, produces excellent results in terms of volume, for example when beating eggs or egg whites. The option to easily retrofit gas or electric heaters extends the range of uses to which the machines can be put and offers bakers and confectioners numerous further useful and creative options for their craft.