Efficient, easy-to-use, and practical cream cooker.

The automatic cream cookers in the REGO® CK series are primarily designed to meet the requirements of day-to-day operations and offer a number of useful functions for bakers, confectioners, and patissiers. 

The devices, which are available with bowl sizes of 30 to 120 litres (30, 60, 80, 120), are ideal for creating puddings, coconut macaroons, poppy seed, semolina, and fruit fillings, and much more. They can also be used to produce perfect mashes and scalds in bakeries. Using CK machines produces significant time savings – the result for users is a sharp increase in cost-effectiveness together with considerably improved quality. 

Cream cookers from REGO HERLITZIUS reliably and conveniently cook and heat all creams and masses. Thanks to precise thermostat-controlled temperatures and a two-speed mixer, the ingredients are reliably formed into the desired mass without any further user action. Preparation is particularly efficient, as there is no risk of boiling over or burning.

The cream cookers feature easy-to-use electronics and a digital timer, which ensures ideal control of the running process. Modern thermal oil heating offers considerable advantages compared to traditional heating over water: it allows higher temperatures to be maintained with far greater efficiency and less use of energy during all cooking processes, while the lack of recooling means that the cream cooker does not need to repeatedly heat up, which helps to keep energy costs down.

Confectioners, bakers, and patissiers can use the cream cookers to prepare any product that needs to be heated to temperatures of up to 130°C. Consistent high quality during tempering of creams, jams, and similar products is guaranteed.

A handwheel allows the bowls to be emptied in a controlled, slow, continuous procedure. The bowls also feature an optional drain cock (standard from 120 litres). Masses can be drained easily and conveniently using this cock, which also greatly simplifies cleaning of the bowls. In terms of hygiene, this is both an important and time-saving feature.

All the cream cookers are made entirely of stainless steel and are available with wheels for flexible use within facilities. As it is an open system, an annual pressure test is not required for the REGO® cream cookers.