Robust, precise and easy-to-clean planetary, stirring, and kneading machines





  • Continuous electronic speed control
  • Standard internal memory with 37 programs of max. 20 stages (from PM 40)
  • Mechanical bowl height adjustment (PM 20)
  • Generous bowl height adjustment, allowing bowl to be taken out without removing tools (from PM 40)
  • Precise recipe preparation thanks to digital time and speed indicator as well as automatic electronic cut-out
  • Automatic, computer-controlled run-up program protects tools and machine
  • Automatic, slow tool insertion while bowl is being raised (from PM 40)
  • Excellent safety with 2-hand operation (from PM 40)
  • Protective cover made of impact-resistant Plexiglas; optionally in stainless steel or as safety guard
  • With protective housing (PM 140 S and PM 200 S)
  • Easy relocation thanks to low weight and compact dimensions
  • LED for bowl illumination
  • Quick tool-change system
  • Easy to clean, particularly quiet
  • GS certification mark for trusted safety


  • 1 bowl
  • 1 beating or stirring whisk
  • 1 flat stirrer and 1 spiral hook
  • 1 bowl trolley (from PM 40)
  • Accessory pack
  • All tools in stainless steel

With bowl sizes of 20 to 200 litres, the Rego® PM series makes for easier, more precise, more hygienic, and more pleasant processing of masses, beaten egg whites, creams, and dough. 

Confectioners and bakers who espouse high quality standards need to ensure that their recipes taste exactly the same every time. The machines in the Rego® PM series ideally assist users in achieving this consistency with a wide range of standard equipment.

The kneading process was optimised under laboratory conditions, and both the shapes and curve and radius joints of the kneaders are designed to ensure an excellent dough mixture.

All planetary machines feature an electronic controller; from 40 litres, they come with an internal memory and 37 programs of max. 20 stages and continuous electronic speed control.

The machine’s automatic run-up program is also computer-controlled, further protecting tools and the machine.

These properties and the digital time and speed indicators help confectioners and bakers to ensure precise recipe preparation.

PM 20 – 100:

PM 140 – 200:

Heating PM 20 – 200:

Protective covers PM 20 – 200:


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    Computer-controlled planetary,
    stirring, and kneading machines.
    For high quality and
    efficient operation.