Powerful, safe, and quiet REGO HERLITZIUS bread slicers.

Modern bakeries primarily set themselves apart from discount supermarkets by offering a range of freshly-baked goods. Customers who receive bread that has been sliced fresh from the oven and exudes a heartwarming aroma are happy customers who are sure to return.

The ROTEC series makes it possible to slice oven-fresh bread perfectly every time – either without or with oil. The quantity of oil used by the integrated blade lubrication system can be adjusted from 0 to 100 percent. With a range of additional functions, such as options to halve loaves of bread, slice just half a loaf, or select a set number of slices, the ROTEC is capable of meeting any consumer wish. Selectable slice thicknesses of between 3 and 25 mm add to the machine’s flexibility.

The highest safety standards, obligatory in this sector, are ensured thanks to a mechanical hood lock and blade positioning controlled by an angle sensor. This technology enables ideal timing between the start, stop, and brake functions. All models have been approved by the relevant trade organisation and thus bear the official GS mark.

Quick and easy cleaning is ensured by crumb drawers in the slicing chamber and under the blade, underscoring the high hygiene standards espoused by REGO HERLITZIUS. The non-stick, antibacterial fluorpolymer coating of the circular blade ensures a precise and non-sticking cut.

The product range in the ROTEC series also includes an “SB” version for self-service. The slicing machine is perfect for shop systems, discount supermarkets, and branch bakeries where customers slice their own bread. Easy controls with three buttons used to select the desired slice thickness make it convenient and safe to use. Customers need only place their bread in the machine; after selecting a slice thickness, the bread is automatically fixed in the correct position. The “SB” version is also a compelling solution for bakeries with limited behind-the-counter space.