Versatile in use, efficient in operation.


While others sleep, we’re already hard at work: baking is one of the oldest crafts in the history of food preparation. Bakery-fresh bread, rolls, and high-quality baked goods are an enduring tradition – and closely associated with skilled craftsmanship, physical resilience, and a strong awareness of quality.

We know this at REGO HERLITZIUS, which is why our bakery machines help ensure bakers work as efficiently and ergonomically as possible and form the basis for the quality of their products.



Confectioners make fine, premium-quality products. The creativity espoused by confectioners and their traditional, artisanal craft produces exquisite delicacies that are frequently a feast for the senses.

Employing precision, passion, and an eye for detail, there are no limits to a confectioner’s inventiveness in producing cakes, desserts, confectionery, and pastries.

REGO HERLITZIUS confectionery machines guarantee flexibility and high quality in the production of foods such as creams, masses, puddings, and fruit fillings.


The semi-industrial sector in the bakery and confectionery trade is characterised by efficient processes, the processing of large quantities, and the assurance of high quality.

This involves the central processing of masses, creams, and doughs, as well as baked bread for large commercial bakeries. Our machines are also suitable for businesses at which sliced bread is cut and packaged centrally (e.g. rye bread) and then delivered to bakeries or large facilities such as hospitals, retirement homes, etc.

REGO HERLITZIUS has developed bakery machines especially for this segment and its particular requirements to ensure efficient and high-quality processing.


Equipment for the catering trade: hotel kitchens, restaurants, caterers, canteens – efficiency, flexibility, and speed are essential aspects of any modern commercial kitchen. Reliable food preparation equipment is key to ensuring that all processes run smoothly.

At REGO HERLITZIUS, operators of commercial kitchens will find a professional selection of beating, stirring, and kneading machines, cream and sauce cookers, lift tippers, and bread slicers.

Today, for example, we are successfully selling our beating and stirring machine (SM series) for mixing and stirring batter, sauces, and creams to commercial kitchens. Even with frequent changes of personnel, its ease of use makes it quick and simple to handle.

Other Sectors

Stirring, beating, and kneading are not things that only bakers and confectioners do.

REGO HERLITZIUS now also successfully sells its beating, planetary, stirring, and kneading machines to other sectors, for example laboratories or the chemicals, cosmetics, meat processing, and catering industries.

Their central concern is to ensure the uniform mixing of different constituents. Find the right stirring and beating machine for efficient processes and high-quality results to get the most out of your production. We’ll be happy to advise you.