Rego® SM 20 L, free-standing model.

Customers asked for it, and here it is: the Rego® SM 20 L, a compact beating and stirring machine with a 20-litre bowl. After all, there are good reasons why many bakers and confectioners prefer beating and stirring machines to planetary and kneading machines for their pre-dough. They produce excellent results in the preparation of masses, as the vibratory technology used in beating and stirring machines simulates human hand movements when beating ingredients. This creates dough masses with a considerably more stable structure that retain their consistency for longer and are less prone to collapse. The Rego® SM 20 L, a robust free-standing machine with a 20-litre bowl that could be considered the smaller cousin of the Rego® SM 40, is an ideal addition to the Rego® SM series, not least thanks to its compact dimensions.

All SM-series machines feature powerful drive units, are economical despite their capabilities, meet IE standards, and are thus classified as energy-efficient in power ranges of 0.75 to 3.0 kW.

Extensive standard equipment includes a bowl, stirring and mixing whisks, a turning ring for smaller bowls, a timer with automatic cut-out, and an accessory pack comprising a set of fasteners, a grease gun, and grease. All tools are made of stainless steel.

Safety, hygiene, and practicality always come first and foremost when we design our machines – and the SM series is no exception. Years ago, we modified the shank of the drive shafts and integrated a safety system in the SM series models to ensure that the machine cannot be operated unless the whisk is in the bowl. For safety reasons, the machine also switches off automatically when the bowl is lowered.

The bowls in SM-series machines are fixed in position using swivel clamping levers that have proven themselves in long-term use and are highly appreciated by users. They make the machines pleasantly simple to operate in day-to-day work, at the same time ensuring easy cleaning. The height of the bowl can be continuously adjusted and is automatically locked at the desired position.

Yet despite their ruggedness and power, the machines in the SM series allow for very fine operation and adjustments to ensure the very best recipe results. The continuous electronic speed control, combined with the digital time indicator and automatic cut-out function, enable a precise, reproducible result based on any given recipe, with a maximum operating speed of 650 rpm. An integrated, automatic soft run-up program enables the controlled start of the mixer in the mass, prevents ingredients from splattering, and produces excellent results with regard to stability and durability when beating foodstuffs such as eggs or egg whites. The option to easily retrofit gas or electric heaters extends the range of uses to which the machines can be put and offers bakers and confectioners numerous further useful and creative options for their craft.