Never buy a new blade again.

Our blade replacement service for users of our circular blade bread slicers represents a smart alternative to purchasing a new blade. Circular blades that have become blunt through use are simply replaced by a freshly sharpened blade.

The REGO HERLITZIUS blade replacement service is as quick and easy as it could possibly be for your bakery business. When you purchase a circular blade machine, the package includes a second circular blade and a blade shipping box. When the blade needs replacing, the one in the machine is swapped out for the included second blade.

The bakery packs up the used blade in the shipping box and notifies REGO HERLITZIUS by telephone. Soon afterwards, a courier, ready with the documents required for the replacement, will come to collect the used blade. Once the blade is received by REGO HERLITZIUS, it is replaced by a sharpened, freshly coated circular blade and promptly sent to the customer by courier. We carry a large amount of stock, so you won’t have to wait long to receive your newly sharpened and coated replacement blade.

The advantages of our blade replacement service are clear to see: users of the service generally never need to buy a new blade and, apart from transit times, always have a sharpened and freshly coated spare blade to hand. This practically eliminates the possibility of losing business due to blunt blades. The only blades excluded from this service are those that have been damaged on purpose or through improper use.