Hygiene standards above all.

Hygiene is a top priority during the production and processing of all baked products. It reflects food law requirements to the benefit of consumers, on the one hand, and at the same time is an expression of the commitment to quality made by producers of baked goods to these consumers. Hygiene is therefore always high on our list of priorities during the development and manufacture of our machines, and is reflected in their design and the materials they use, but also in procedures specially created to improve hygiene.

When designing our machines, ensuring hygienic use is a key concern. This starts with rounded edges and corners wherever possible, as well as large surfaces, both of which help to prevent dirt accumulating and make cleaning easier. The drive units are structurally fully separated from those parts of the machine that actually come into contact with food. The crumb drawers of our bread slicers are easy to remove and maintain, as are the bowls in our beating, stirring, and planetary machines, which can be emptied and cleaned easily using the provided mechanisms. Most of the machines are mounted on casters, making them easy to move around for cleaning.

All machines are available in V2A stainless steel or varnished versions, both finishes that are highly durable and easy to clean and maintain.

Hygiene is also of great importance when it comes to cutting ropes of bread, here primarily concerning the hygiene of the slicing blades. We use appropriate coatings for the blades, which makes them easier to clean during everyday business. The Teflon anti-adhesive coatings we use have proven their worth in this regard.